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Eddie Izzard
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He's the Emperor of Fabulous
He's the Really Really Interesting Guy
He likes to talk about history, not in a boring way, but in a relaxed and groovy way.
He is a man. He is a transvestite.
He is a comedien and an actor.
He makes us laugh.
If you don't watch him you wont get it...so go watch!

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This is a FUN community! Please keep arguments OUT! This is for cake or death and jam, not drama!

I thought this could go without saying but apparently it can't.
PLEASE make sure your entry is linked to EDDIE IZZARD in some way, shape or form. If not it will be deleted. All spam and violations of LiveJournal TOS will be reported.

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Periodically in this community, a memeber will find a cool quiz or generator that provides some good, clean, eddie izzard fun.

Some people feel the results of these quizzes and generators clog their friends pages.

In the spirit of keeping this a fun place for all,
please post all quiz results or generator fun under the comments section of the first original quiz/generator post.
If you feel you can't adhere to this rule then please put your results behind an LJ cut.
Thank You

created by: beatlesfanf

Eddie Izzard Is Transvestite Love.

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