flyingfish33 (flyingfish33) wrote in eddieizzard,

Sexie vs Live from Wembley?

Out of curiosity, has anybody here seen both Sexie and Live from Wembley? How do they compare? I've seen clips from both on Youtube and it *seems to me* that Wembley has the edge, but it's impossible to tell without watching them all the way through.
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idk I like Sexie better, but I'm not sure why
Off topic: you icon is amazing and mesmerizing to me.
lol thanks

Yours is totally great!
I'm more fond of Sexie, but that could be because I saw it live twice. :D
But isn't Live at Wembley part of the Sexie tour?

To me, Live at Wembley seems a bit more polished, whereas Sexie seems to be more...ramble-y. [Which is not to say it is bad; his rambling and thought tangents are part of what I love about him.] I really like bits of both of them, though. You can only get Sexie on DVD in region 2--so unless you live in that region, get it on video tape, or get a bootleg DVD play it on your computer--you might have to stick to Live at Wembley.
And yeah, I'm in Canada, so region 1 it is.
You can also mess around with your dvd player!
Yep, I've watched them both. I noticed the the Sexie audience didn't laugh as much... In the beginning, many of his great jokes just got like a chuckle.
But the show itself was hilarious.

Live At Wembley had a great audience, and a few bits of material I've never seen before, like "the sounds of flies as scat performers" bit.
It was pretty cool to see the Sexie material embellished with other jokes and told differently.

If you're wondering which one you should get, I say both. Because I'm unhelpful like that.
lol, thanks for the help.
Yeah, it would be fun to see how he changes the material around... that's always something I've found interesting about him, that he keeps his shows kind of fluid/improvisational.
There are a couple of bits from Sexie that are great, but overall I'd say Wembley's a better show. The only part of Sexie that I miss in the Wembley DVD is the part where he talks about his breasts exploding on the plane.

By the way, there are ways to see both that don't require VHS or bootlegging.
Cool, thanks for the rec and the link. I have seen the exploding breasts bit :D
By the way OH MY GOD!
Icon love :D
Mine, you mean? Isn't it great? I didn't make it but I love it :)
Eddie Izzard and Harry Potter are my two favorite things in the world. You have no clue. My ABSOLUTE favorites.
They're pretty high up there for me, too!
This is the awesome icon post where I got mine:*drumroll*

...and so now I'm sort of wondering what Hogwarts House Eddie would have been in...hmm... :D
He would be in the house of FAAABLULOUS.